Course syllabus
Research Design, 7.5 credits
(Forskningsdesign, 7,5 högskolepoäng)
Course code: 17F1003
Discipline for doctoral studies: Political Science
Academic school: School of Social Sciences
Research area for doctoral studies: Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society 100%
Grades permitted: G
Education cycle: Third cycle
Language of instruction: English
Valid from: VT 2013 (spring semester)

1. Validation

This course syllabus was validated by Committee for Research and Doctoral Education at Södertörn University on 2011-05-31 according to the stipulations in the Higher Education Ordinance. This course was revised on 2012-10-29.

2. Entry requirements

Admitted to doctoral studentship.

3. Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the student can:
  • critically assess scholarly approaches from different research traditions,
  • present a plan for his/her thesis work, including theoretical, methodological and empirical considerations,
  • describe and reflect on the variety of available approaches when it comes to designing a research project, and
  • identify and assess the research specialisations that are represented in the local social scientific environment.

  • 4. Course contents, modules and examinations

    The student is trained in critical reflection on different theoretical and methodological approaches. The student may critically reflect on the research design of previous theses in the research area and his/her own subject. At the end of the course the student must present a thesis plan in a seminar and account for the theoretical, methodological and empirical considerations of his/her ongoing thesis work. The course provides knowledge of social scientific research environments at the university, both in specific subjects and within the large research area of the social sciences. It also shows how the existing environments are linked to other Swedish ad international research environments. The student must participate in seminars that are arranged in his/her own subject and within the research area.

    5. Course design

    Lectures and seminars. One concluding seminar in which the student - along with other students and supervisors - presents and defends his/her thesis plan.

    6. Course assessment

    Examination takes place through active participation in seminars, through presentations, and through the presentation and defence of a thesis plan. The student shall participate in at least 12 research seminars in the research area and his/her own subject.
     The grading criteria are distributed prior to the start of a course or module.

    If a student has a certificate for compensatory support from Södertörn University, the examiner may decide on an adapted examination or alternative examination form in accordance with Södertörn University's regulations.

    7. Reading list

    8. Restrictions on accreditation

    The course may not be accredited as part of a degree if the contents are partly or wholly the same as a course previously taken in Sweden or elsewhere.

    9. Other stipulations
    The course may not be credited in a degree programme alongside a course completed inside or outside of Sweden, which has a content that wholly or partly corresponds to the content of this course.